What To Look For In A Portable Vaporizer

The use of vaporizers is becoming more common placed with many smokers switching to this device to help curb their smoking and most of the general marijuana users using it to get their daily dose. Vaporizers heat up the herbs which lead to the production and release of the herbs essence in vapor form. In this way, vaporizers are extremely useful because you only get a concentrated dose of the compounds contained by the herbs, unlike when the herbal product is burned or inhaled where you get its essence along with other chemicals such as carcinogen.

There are two basic types of vaporizer, but if you are the person who is always on the go and does not have plenty of time to be sitting around waiting for the vaporizer to heat up, then the portable vaporizer is your best bet. Portable vaporizers from https://www.paintthemoon.org/pax-2-vaporizer-review/ are the smaller yet equally efficient counterpart of the desktop vaporizer and are usually the size of a pen, which makes it very convenient to carry in your pocket. There are various brands of portable vaporizers but one of the best is Pax 2. Pax 2 vaporizer is a new model, and it comes with better features than the original one.

If you are looking for a portable vaporizer, what are some of the things you should be looking for? To point you in the right direction, take a look at some of the suggestions below.

Determine how portable do you want your vaporizer to be. Should it fit inside your jacket or do you prefer something that would look inconspicuous while you are holding it? Do you want something the size of a pen or are you okay with a calculator-size? Pax 2 vaporizer by far is one of the best in terms of portability because of its lightweight, especially when compared with Pax.

Pick a Paint the Moon vaporizer that is not complicated to use and would need little maintenance. Why? Because it is more convenient to use and would cause less hassle especially if you are already in a frantic mode.

Go for a portable vaporizer that gives the best vapor density. You want the herb to smell clean, crisp and full. Some vaporizers produce a vapor that is not so clean tasting. Pax 2's deeper bowl allows even heating of the herbs which makes the vapor smell consistently clean throughout the bowl.

The battery life of your vaporizer can make such a difference, more so if you are constantly traveling. Select a vaporizer that lasts longer than 60 minutes.

Of course, the price is one of the deciding factors in selecting a good portable vaporizer. Some vaporizers can go as high as $300 while there are also vaporizers that are available for a little over a hundred.